3 ways to leverage digital & become irresistible to customers

Back 3 ways to leverage digital & become irresistible to customers

In today’s world, human interaction with a digital device has become something like a sixth sense, and naturally this gives way to an increasing number of businesses looking for emerging technologies to create personalized customer services and advanced customer experiences.

Artificial intelligence is now helping companies empower their digital presence and reinforce their sales operations, through technological systems that provide exclusive insights to valuable data, while also allowing them to better connect with their customers on a personal level.

We’ve got these 3 innovative ways for you to leverage your digital businesses and achieve customer success!

1. Combine technology with human insights

Embracing technological updates is more than just essential for surviving and thriving in the digital world; if we want to gain a competitive advantage, stay ahead of the game, and remain relevant, we must adapt and integrate innovations that are good for our business and keep us relevant!  

For years, obtaining data about customers was a challenging process, not to mention expensive and time consuming; today, we have artificial intelligence (otherwise known as AI) that changes the digital game. AI refers to technologies and tools that collect, process, and analyze information which help businesses make accurate, data-driven decisions. It is this key technological advancement that plays such a crucial role in connecting technology with human insights.

Let’s say you’re a successful eCommerce platform, then your experiences should involve personalized shopping recommendations and interactions, based on human data. AI business tools have the ability to predict industry shifts, and suggest changes in marketing and pricing strategies. Such tools can recognize and customize a consumer’s experience based on their previous purchases, and shopping behavior. In other words, AI systems can identify a consumer’s behaviors and preferences through repeated interactions and build a detailed customer profile, utilizing it for creating tailored recommendations, rewards, and offers.

Incorporating AI into your overall strategy - using innovative practices that offer fully integrated digital experiences - is no longer something to think about, it’s something to embrace right now. AI helps us to acquire captive audiences willing to purchase what we’re selling. It does this by facilitating the process of getting to know our customer better by collecting and analyzing data, and even creating tailored offerings to the individual’s needs. 

What’s essential is the creation of a toolbox that will make your digital business the place your client wants to be, but it’s not all that easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. To give you some food for thought, the essentials of your personalization solution should include a powerful CMS that enables multiple digital integrations with web analytics, customer data collection and segmentation systems, predictive analysis tools, recommendation engines, and landing page optimization tools. 

Once you adopt the technology that provides you with the human insights you require, you’ll be in the position to build trust, make your brand sound more reliable, and keep your audience more engaged.

2. Incorporate AI into customer support strategies 

Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving the way businesses use customer support. To meet growing opportunities and demands, we must capitalize on technology in order to improve customer support. While some may think that the expense of AI is out of the question, we are now witness to new cost effective initiatives that not only increase revenue, and drive customer satisfaction, but also improve staff retention and loyalty. 

It’s quite a common experience that some of the main issues with customer service, in any industry, are the delays, the inadequacy of control over interactions, and the lack of available support after business hours. Artificial intelligence can solve all of these issues, completely. One of the key benefits of an AI robot is that it never needs to sleep, making 24/7 interactions a reality through chatbots who use natural language and understand a customer’s questions or can redirect them to human experts. 

For organizations looking to improve their customer support, this live chat adoption practice not only provides immediate solutions for customers, improving their overall customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction, it also takes repetitive tasks away from professionals, reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on more productive tasks. And some may argue that nothing beats traditional customer service and talking to a real person, but in today’s fast-paced digital world, many of us consumers have become more accepting of automated solutions as part of the overall (quick and professional) experience.

Very simply, AI makes our digital experiences irresistible, period. Sure, it may very well be in a developmental phase, still requiring human experience to actively train it, but it is without-a-doubt that its implementation is beneficial to our customer and to our internal practices. Not only does AI improve the experience and service offered to our customers (and potential new customers), it - perhaps most importantly - provides us with data that positively benefits our highly lucrative customer-focused units like sales, marketing, and customer service. All in all, AI is about significantly enhancing the way our customers interact with us, and in turn how we manage our business internally - more efficiently, and definitely more cost-effectively.

3. Automate sales processes

When we say sales, many of us bring to mind a traditional people-to-people business, but AI sales automation technologies are being incorporated into sales teams as we speak. Anyone who’s worked in sales knows how demanding these processes can be, often requiring multiple steps and follow-ups, and inevitably impacting employee productivity. 

Tools that use artificial intelligence can take a sales team to a whole new level as they not only extract numbers and information, but they use sophisticated techniques that identify patterns, analyze consumer data, predict market changes, advise on the most important sales actions to take, forecast results and even optimize current pricing strategies.

Some predictions even show that AI sales automation systems can advise you specifically on deals or prospects which are most likely to close, which deals or prospects to target next or how to identify new clients who may be interested in what you’re selling. Going beyond predicting, some AI tools can also recommend sales actions, going so far as telling your sales teams which actions the system thinks make the most sense, based on your goal and insights. Of course, the accuracy of those predictions, depends on the quality of data that is inserted in the system. 

It's high time that salespeople work smartly and efficiently with their business leads, being able to nurture their relationships and close thriving deals. If technology can assist them by removing manual work, such as data entry and reporting, then their efficacy rates have the potential to soar. Adopting an AI sales automation system means that you’ll quickly realize significant advantages thanks to cutting-edge systems that can shorten the sales cycle, automate manual processes that eliminate human error - saving precious time and money. If that’s not enough, you’re choosing to facilitate a boost in sales, in turn allowing team members to dedicate their time to more resourceful and valuable tasks.

Now that you’ve seen what AI has the potential to do, you might be wondering what solutions are actually possible for you. You might be thinking that implementing such systems will be hard to transition into or just purely overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. With a  full-service digital agency whose specialty is strategy, design and technology services, we’ve got your back every step of the process. Reach out to us to learn more.