Content optimization for a multi-channel approach

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Digital technology has been taking monumental steps in the last few decades. As a result of this rise, information overload has emerged, and as it grows it gets more serious. With all of this information out there it is harder every day to position brands and the content of these brands, and that's where content optimization starts playing a huge role.

What is content optimization?

Content optimization is an arrangement process where you make sure the content it’s at its best and it’s ready to be extended throughout multiple platforms on the web. The best way to ensure that is by checking the message is clear and aims at the main intention that was created for, that includes both texts and graphics used. The final collateral should be able to create actions in the user, whether is a lead, a buy or even an emotion.

It’s important to highlight the fact that content optimization is being done for the human eye even if there’s a machine delivering it, and that’s why the user should never get lost in the track, since it’s actually the meeting point.

Why should we optimize content?

Just as for a market their product can be a bottle of milk, some vegetables or any other edible, content is the main product of digital media companies. Content is the product out there that is facing and selling the whole company and the brand strategy. As long as we understand we’re selling content, it becomes important to optimize content to make it visible and generate a reaction on the users that interact with it.

But let’s just not leave it there, the true value of content is its capacity to attract and retain clients, create brand awareness, become an information resource, and elevate the customer experience at its best. Without optimization, content would disappear into an internet void.

Considering there’s a highly competitive scenario, the need to appear on as many channels as possible emerges and builds the multichannel approach that aims to engage with the users. This approach allows companies to collect clients’ valuable exchangeable information through hyper-personalized collaterals through multiple channels that can be regularly monitored, that means there is a variety of channels where you're able to communicate with your target market, the possibilities are endless.

All content created in order to achieve a multi-channel approach should include SMART goals, consider marketing channels (it can be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, email, among others), and lastly but not least, have clear KPIs (impressions, clicks, leads or whatever measurement tool that works for your business).

Content optimization tips
Now, we want to share with you 5 tips to properly optimize your content and extend it to as many platforms as you’d like.

  • Build relevant relationships with users: Use your media sites for more than just publishing. Aim to create community through content that can be relatable to the reader, that feels written just for you and that suits your business perfectly. When creating it, use relevant keywords; because even if you’re writing for real-life people, if the search engines can’t find it, no one will.
  • Personalization: Focus on providing a personalized experience by making the user feel welcome and supported during the whole journey (frequently used on email campaigns)
  • Experts insights: Try to add quotes and insights from experts or any other kind of statistic that can promote your content and provide it with credibility. Make it as strong and trustworthy as you can.
  • Trends: Identify trends from your users and that can be used in your planning content. Don’t be afraid to go deeper into consumer behavior, since it’s fundamental to understand who you’re talking to and why they are listening to you.
  • Learn from yourself: Your own success and failure can be your greatest asset. From it you’ll be able to learn from your audiences and start categorizing that valuable information so you can apply it to follow strategies.

Content optimization is about making sure search engines understand what you’re talking about and what is the message you pretend to deliver. Remember this content is an important part of your brand, and through all of the media channels acts like an extension of yourself. Once you understand this, you’re set up to successfully deliver content through multiple channels.