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Using Cognitive Voice Technology to help make your customers your biggest online advocate.


Is Cognitive Technology Right For You

Day in and day out we continue to hear our digital agency customers talk about the importance of the customer experience but feel challenged to support it across their entire product lines. In particular, companies invest heavily in front-end experiences focusing on to give end-users the easiest and best experience possible. This includes onboarding customers, demonstrating their products through product tours and customized experiences across different digital fronts that are seamless and effective. However, one key area that many companies often overlook in their customer journey is support. Many of us know that in today's marketplace customers expect that when they call the phone will be picked up almost immediately and have 24/7 access to support teams. It has become a critical component for any e-Commerce website and can be the difference in getting customers to recommend you and become your biggest advocate on social media.

Today, Backbone is working many of our customers to deliver true omnichannel experiences including customer support that leverages proven cognitive technologies.  to fully leverage this technology it is first important to understand what Cognitive Technology is and what it is not.

Cognitive technologies are products of the field of artificial intelligence including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and robotics. All of these capabilities are being heavily invested into by the leading tech organizations like Google and Microsoft and represent a paradigm shift in what technology can do for users.

A great example of this is using Cognitive Assistants to automate aspects of customer care. 

Because these cognitive technologies simulate people they can function like live agents and can help improve both the customer experience and the live agents on shift.  Cognitive assistants can now handle the calls from customers who are frustrated and let the live agents focus on end-user experiences and ensuring that each customer is a happy one.  

So how do these cognitive technologies work for a company?  A key component of this technology is data.  Cognitive agents can enable customer experiences under the assumption that there is available data to help customize the conversation for end users.  They do this by copying and using patterns and experiences and become more personalized through natural language conversation.  One of the key areas they can help service for an organization is that cognitive assistants don't need breaks and can be continuously available 24/7.  Moreover, they use existing data to customize each customer interaction by using previous call history, purchasing history, and any other data attributes available.

Another key attribute and benefit is the ability to provide multi-channel support.  Cognitive assistants are able to support customers via phone, chat or through email depending on the use case.  Again, using natural language these technologies can sift through all the customer data and process the content based on sentiment and intent.  For example, you get an irate customer via chat the system is able to recognize the tone and frustration level of the customer allowing for immediate escalation to a live agent to mitigate the customer's frustration.  









Backbone Canada

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Backbone Canada

Unit 1 - 5180 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 4E4
M-F 10am-6pm PST


(+1) 604.713.8560

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