Marketing Manager

Vancouver, CA


We are creating the future of digital marketing on Backbone but we need people that bring us ideas to make into the next stage of digital, we are looking for someone who's responsible for driving the future value potential of the market and delivering on sustainable commercial success through effective organization. 

Community Team Purpose

At Backbone great ideas become extraordinary products but we need people that bring us those ideas to keep creating the future. Working with Backbone you will know how to conceive well-thought through commercial plans and marketing plans reflecting the realities of different markets and adapting to each project need. 


  • Performing frequent visits to our potential clients, basically becoming Backbone #1 advertiser
  • Showcasing the benefits of working with Backbone to the potential clients
  • Be in charge of the in-market programs, and take advantage of the opportunities including business development.
  • Get to know the market environment to build opportunities and challenges as appropriate for the company.
  • Identify and evaluate potential opportunities with the team and work by hand with the engineers to provide solutions
  • You should have outstanding persuasion skills and a track record of having negotiated and closed long-term deals

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If you’re passionate about digital and are interested in becoming part of our international team, please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to let you know when we can meet up for a cup of coffee.

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