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About the project

Dirty Apron was looking to not only update the look and feel of their website for both front- and back-end users, but build an infrastructure that was able to manage their business and all transactions online. This included simplifying course bookings and catering orders for customers, as well as developing a staff-friendly event management platform and content management system.


Project design

Dirty Apron’s digital presence no longer aligned with the growth of their business and expansion of services. The revamp of the site was focused on the user experience, ensuring visitors could interact with the site in a seamless and intuitive manner while allowing Dirty Apron to better manage orders, as well as attendees for cooking classes and private events.


By developing a more robust system for both administrators and customers alike, their digital transformation began with a well thought-out workflow.  All content is managed online – albeit catering or cooking classes, registration and payments – empowering customers to quickly ascertain what classes are being offered, seat and ticket availability, registration and payment all within a few clicks and minutes of time.  

The , school personnel and administrators continually has line of sight on the availability or private events scheduled, registration progress, payments and revenues, nutritional and/or dietary restrictions, as well as an automated process for communicating with attendees or registrants. In addition, everything is seamlessly integrated with their back-office systems and accounting software.

Simply put, this was all achievable because of  Expression and it’s rich array of out-of-the-box tools. It made the entire project attainable within a manageable budget, while allowing the system to deliver on Dirty Apron specific needs without any compromise or cookie cutter patchwork.


API Extensions

With Dirty Apron, we had some extra requirements around class seat availability, as they have a limit of 22 seats per class. In order to achieve this without limiting the events system for other clients, we introduced API Extensions. This allows you to override the default Expression API behaviours as desired.

In the case of Dirty Apron, we used it to calculate the available tickets on the front-end for purchase, with some special cases. For example, the client wanted to have tickets taken out of circulation, but only for 15 minutes but on the back end. That way, staff could still sell them over the phone if someone was just playing around on the front end of the website, but not following through with a purchase.



The Dirty Apron now has robust front- and back-end systems to cater to all of their users. Today, Dirty Apron has  a modern, engaging, mobile-friendly website that enables users to to engage with ease. Best of all, because of the nature of Expression, Dirty Apron can continue to scale their digital asset along with their business.




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Backbone Canada

Unit 1 - 5180 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 4E4
M-F 10am-6pm PST

(+1) 604.713.8560

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