Hybrid Mobile Application Technology with a flexible web view

Solutions Branding, Mobile App, Contactless Menu
Industry Tourism, Travel & Hospitality
Location Europe
  • Digital Transformation
  • Visual Brand & Applications
  • UX & UI Design
  • Custom Mobile App
Astir Palace – Four Seasons Logo

On the sophisticated Athens Riviera, at the tip of a pine-clad peninsula, Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel offers a laid-back seaside escape just 30 minutes away from the historical city center. 

The hotel features 3 private beaches and 8 restaurants.

Client Goals

The primary goal of the hotel was to provide Astir Palace visitors with the opportunity to view the menus of 3 restaurants Privilege Beach House, Matsuhisa και Beef Bar and make their reservations online.

Astir Palace has a great reputation for the quality of its services and the customer experience it offers. The management’s aim was to live up to these expectations and at the same time become consistent with the recent mandatory health precautions.

They needed a scalable digital application that would help them manage their restaurant clientele in a more efficient manner.

Opportunities & Challenges

By evaluating the restaurants’ booking process, the need for a more decentralized and automated system has risen.  We initiated the design of a digital app that combined menus and online reservations not only from a static display perspective but also from the point of view that could help the restaurants elevate their customer success strategy.


Although the solution was intended to serve just the reservations of the 3 restaurants, there was an extensive discussion with the client about how this could scale up through time. 


The contactless menu app along with the online booking enquiry system is just the beginning of an ambitious and quite complex transformation vision.By adopting such a solution as part of their digital strategy, Astir Palace would gain the advantage required to defend their leadership and keep them a step ahead of their competitors.

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The Strategy

The Strategy

After performing our preliminary assessment and discovery sessions with the client we identified our main focus areas. Our goal was to help Astir Palace customers download the application by using a QR code and inquire for a table, in a quick and effortless way. It was also essential that ‘Αstir Palace’ app would simplify internal procedures as far as it concerns menu updates and booking enquiries management.

The solution

BACKBONE developed a mobile app for both iOS and Google users using hybrid mobile application technology. Hybrid Mobile Application Technology offers a flexible web view and efficient deployment in both primary mobile application ecosystems (Android & iOS).


Unlike other PDF digital menus this solution offers effective categorization of different menu items with easy navigation.


The app features:

  • Content management for 3 restaurant menus
  • Dynamic menu builder with media management
  • Booking enquiry for guest reservations
  • Efficient menu dishes categorization
  • 2 languages: English / Greek

The most significant feature though is the app’s scalable architecture for future online services (eg. concierge / online ordering / ticketing etc.).


An ingenious app

Astir Palace has managed to digitize a crucial part of its business. BACKBONE has helped its client enhance customer experience in combination with a fully scalable solution for future applications.


The keys to their success have been the company’s quick reflexes to respond to new customer requirements due to the current global situation. Their progressive mindset makes them always look for ways to grow, so this digital application is expected to further expand over the next few years.

An ingenious app

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