Building a digital ecosystem from the ground up

Solutions Branding, Website, Booking System
Industry Real Estate
Location South America
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO & Content Strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom CMS
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eZpot is a digital platform that allows users to find and book venues for all different kinds of events. With its Airbnb type model, this digital business came to life 5 years ago in Bogota, Colombia with an aim to connect people who need event space with available venues.  

Client Goals

Digital transformation is still brewing in Colombia, and eZpot came to us with a need to create an accessible, safe, and completely user-friendly platform that would be simple to use for both B2B and B2C parts of their business.

We developed a unified platform that allows businesses to upload their venues in seconds, and users to rent a space in 3 easy steps, making it a safe and straightforward process for everyone.

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

Our main challenge was to create a platform capable of unifying all of eZpot’s business operations including: showing a catalog of available venues and their pricing, a safe and quick payment process with various checkout options, the possibility of comparing venues, and a seamlessly easy booking process.

Working together with their internal team, BACKBONE successfully delivered a full-fledged digital ecosystem that met their every need.

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The Strategy

This project focused on:


  • Developing a unified digital ecosystem where venue owners can quickly upload content & users can easily search and book properties that match their criteria
  • Creating a multifunctional digital space where people can connect with others and rent different venues through a smooth and simple processes
  • Seamless digital customer journey & design was vital for this project’s success
The Strategy

Key features of the project

Proprietary CMS solution with custom features: We built this entire project using our proprietary CMS solution Expresia - a highly versatile digital experience platform (DXP). This allowed us to develop eZpot’s robust website so that it is accessible to all audiences and easily managed by the client.


Unified Business operations through their digital ecosystem: Everything surrounding business operations happens through the website. eZpot allows clients to view and book available venues; it showcases the pricing per hour or per day, it is integrated with different ERPs for the customer's convenience and security, and it allows the user to compare the services offered in order to choose which one fits best. Likewise, the platform allows businesses to upload their own venues, which in turn feeds eZpot with content.


Streamlined booking process: This platform recognizes the issues that commonly occur in booking processes and eliminates them. You can rent a venue in 3 quick steps: Find your ideal venue, check availability, and pay online in seconds. In terms of usability, it is comfortable, intuitive, and completely responsive. 

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BACKBONE brought this entire idea to life and built it from the ground up into a business that has 80% of its processes online.

This business has grown exponentially through the creation of a fully functional digital ecosystem where everything surrounding its business operations happens through their website, including social media management and advertising.

We have cultivated a long-lasting relationship with our client who trusted us from the very first moment we began cultivating their unified digital business. We are proud and honored to be part of eZpot’s success.

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