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nrg, a member of the Motor Oil group of companies, is one of the leading companies in the energy market in Greece providing electricity and natural gas for both business and households.

Client Background

A member of the Motor Oil group of companies, nrg is one of the leading suppliers in the Greek energy market. They provide electricity and natural gas for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Noting that their website was their customers’ main point of contact, the company wanted a new digital presence that would function well with straightforward and easily accessible calls to action to successfully convert prospective customers into leads.

nrg asked for a website redesign that it will cover the following aspects

  • Website

    The website is their main sales tool.

  • Online Communication

    They invest in online communication through Google PPC campaigns, Social Media and targeted display ads in selected websites.

  • Above The Line Communication

    Their experience has shown them that their Above The Line communication (TV, Radio, Print etc), primarily leads the potential customer to online search, then to a call in their phone center or filling out a communication form (online application, click to call, simple contact form).

  • Market Research

    The market research that their customers conduct to find an energy provider begins mainly in a web environment.


Because of the existing variety of products and the uncertainty of the upcoming ones the client’s decision was to keep it simple so anyone can create it.

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Going all-in on digital

Going all-in on digital

In business since 2012, nrg had almost a decade’s worth of data on their customer habits in hand.

What they discovered was that their digital outreach was more successful than any other form of advertising. Even campaigns appearing on the radio or television led their potential customers to their site where they would do their research and then either call in or fill out an online contact form.


Realizing that their website was their main sales tool, nrg wanted to exploit that. Convincing consumers to switch energy providers is a complex process so nrg knew they had to leverage their strengths. The company decided to rebuild their site with the goal of encouraging their customers to call, fill in an online form, or use Click2call and Click2chat.

Lead generating websites that customers love to use

At Backbone, we have a lot of experience building lead-generating websites that don’t forego the user experience for sales.

To this end, we decided that the website needed attention in several areas. It needed to be memorable and different from the competition, communicating a modern and high-tech feel to reflect the company itself. With the understanding that getting customers to change suppliers is difficult, we worked to simplify the process of changing energy suppliers by making the application form available online. We decided to design and build a custom web application to handle the detailed customer information, and for the administrators, we created a custom interface with filtering and export capabilities. In general, we took an approach that looked to reduce the amount of clicks a customer would have to take to get to the information they sought. 


nrg asked for a simple and easy-to-use content management system for their marketing people. After a thorough analysis of the company’s content, we customized the CMS for their less tech-savvy team members. The result was a friendly and straightforward content management system—we even prepared a detailed manual.

Lead generating websites that customers love to use


The charging network incharge, is the largest network of fast chargers in Greece and one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in the urban areas of the country. incharge chargers, located on AVIN and SHELL stations, are among the most advanced chargers in Europe, capable of charging an electric vehicle up to 80% of its capacity in less than average time.

The Ask

nrg came to BACKBONE in need of trustworthy advice on how to best communicate this new sub-brand, how to connect it functionally to their main website, and perhaps most importantly, how to create an efficient tool for customers.

The Ask
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Through extensive in-depth business consulting, this project came to life through:

  • the creation of an interactive map, where the driver can enter their starting point + destination in order to receive the most efficient path of charging stations for their journey; 
  • a connection to ‘incharge app’ which allows logged-in users to see their history of transactions and charging stations and 
  • a scalable information architecture which lays the foundation for its transition into a multi-featured nrg microsite.

With a high level of service and easy-to-use interface, nrg incharge is an essential tool for the integration of electromobility in Greece.

Through extensive in-depth business consulting, this project came to life through:
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Increased exposure

The goal of centering the customer experience in nrg’s website paid off. According to analytics, the new web experience is more engaging and relevant to its constituents, striking the right balance between design, functionality, and high-quality content. Even better, the responsive design has empowered nrg to reach their audiences regardless of what devices they may be using, and they’ve seen a jump in time on the site coming from mobile users. The entire site was search engine optimized and built to be social media friendly, an effort that seems to have worked—nrg has seen an increase in leads and conversions, and an overall increase in organic traffic of at least 45%.

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