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Modernizing the customer experience of a classic

Solutions Website, E-commerce
Industry Food
Location South America
Year 2018
Services Digital Marketing
UX & UI Design
Content Management
Display Layer (HTML5,CSS3,JS)
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The popular American pizza chain required a website that would provide their customers with an easy ordering experience and a way to simply customize their individual pizza orders. With the website being upgraded and easier for customers to use, Papa John's wanted to see their online sales increase. 

About the Project

About the Project

Papa John's wanted their customers to be able to customize their order online and receive a freshly baked pizza all without leaving their home or work. It was also very important that this new ordering solution would decrease the time it took for the customer to receive their pizza. 

By allowing their customers to access the website across all mobile devices, Papa John's wanted to make finding the nearest location much easier than ever. Thus increasing their revenue as customers found ordering online both simple and convenient. 

Project Development

With the use of geolocalization, we were able to facilitate the delivery of orders according to the customer's location. Customers were also given the choice to pick a location close to them for pickup. Another improvement was the customers' ability to select ingredients for their customized pizza including the choice to add toppings by the whole or halves of the pizza that they were creating. 
The integrated payment and order system became simple to use for not only customers but also for Papa John's eCommerce team.

Project Development

Our Technology Quality meets your requirements & standards!

In addition, our technology met the strict quality requirements and safety standards established by Papa John's International.
We updated the site design without affecting the functionality and made the site responsive in a detailed and precise way for every mobile device.


With the Expresia platform, Papa John's team has access to a real-time dashboard which allows them to make decisions according to the customer's behaviour. This same platform also allows them to add new products, new stores, and make continual updates without interrupting the user experience.

Since launching, Papa John's eCommerce website has increased its number of monthly orders. They now have over 6,000 registered users in the platform and receive more than 7,000 orders per month. The Expresia dashboard filters information such as top-selling products by category, sales by region/city, sales by payment method and sales and orders per user.


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