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Cerro Matoso is a ferronickel mine located in Cordoba, Colombia. It is South America's largest mine and Colombia’s largest nickel reserve.

Client Goals

Cerro Matoso’s image and communication channels were predominantly created by external media; they came to BACKBONE needing to establish a digital platform that facilitates an open dialogue with the public, as well as the desire to develop their own real voice.

Opportunities and challenges

BACKBONE worked with Cerro Matoso in order to:

  • Humanize their brand through technology.
  • Assist with their becoming a technological pioneer within the mining industry.
  • Facilitate communication through the power of its digital channels.
The Strategy

The Strategy

Using our proprietary technology and meticulous design, BACKBONE built a website that showcases the scale of the company’s operations, it is fully responsive and meets all of the latest industry standards. For this project, BACKBONE also created a highly efficient omnichannel experience for Cerro Matoso’s entire team through the development of a rapid and accessible digital ecosystem.

In terms of technology and design, BACKBONE built the Cerro Matoso website to the latest specifications, ensuring it not only showcased the scale of the company’s operations but also was fully responsive to be viewed on any device.

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The Result

Trust and true digital transformation are what led to the collaborative success of this project. BACKBONE’s digital expertise, coupled with the client’s progressive team are the key components that brought the evolution of Cerro Matoso into being the innovative digital communication platform it is today.

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