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The leading role in the sectors of crude oil refining

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Motor Oil is a leader in crude oil refining and petroleum products marketing and distribution. The refinery, along with its ancillary plants and fuel distribution facilities, forms the largest privately-owned industrial complex in Greece, and is considered one of the most modern refineries in Europe. This Greek company services the entire greater eastern Mediterranean region, supplying its customers with a wide range of high-quality products.

Client Background

Founded in 1970 with refinery operations commencing in 1972, Motor Oil is a company with a long and storied history operating in a highly specialized sector. Alongside the day-to-day operations there were additional governance, health and safety, and certification documents relevant to their customers and clients. Organizing information at this level is tricky, even more so in the early days of the internet. The Motor Oil site sought to deliver information to all its clients, a group to which shareholders were added when the company was quoted on the Athens Stock Exchange.


In addition to becoming outdated technologically, the old Motor Oil site needed some specific updates to continue to service their clients. The design had to reflect that the company is a leading energy provider. The massive amount of information housed by the site had to be reorganized in an intuitive and easily searchable way. And the site would address the company’s shareholders more directly, offering them all the information they might want to know.

Smart design and technology

Smart design and technology

In terms of technology and design, Backbone built the Motor Oil site to the latest specifications, ensuring it not only showcased the scale of the company’s operations but also was fully responsive to be viewed on any device. They reimagined the site structure and migrated more than 1,200 documents, now organized in a clear and intuitive way. 
No matter how strong a site, it fails to do its job if nobody can find it, so as part of a larger search engine optimization strategy, Backbone evaluated and updated the site content to maximize its impact from an SEO perspective.  And just for the stakeholders, current or prospective, there now exists a live stock price on the home page. Drill down to the Investor Relations section and you’ll find all the information you could want, including a dynamic chart featuring the stock price through time.

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An energetic site

An energetic site

From the striking graphic on the Home page to the updated and user-friendly Contact portal, Motor Oil’s new responsive site is striking, functional, and perfectly suited to their clients.

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