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Luxury Vacations UK, since 2002, offers tailor-made tours to individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations.  

The company offers top-notch guides, luxury transportation, and well crafted tours and experiences within the UK and Ireland.

Client Goals

Client Goals

Luxury Vacations UK identified the shift of the tourism and hospitality industry towards the digital landscape and they approached BACKBONE in order to help them in this transition.


With an intuitive experiential website that reflects the essence of both the English culture and the company itself,  the company wished to provide its high-end customers with personalised options for luxury holidays in the United Kingdom.


The company’s services include guided tours, concierge services, luxury vacation rentals proposals, consequently the need for a digital environment that would help them elevate their business was evident. 

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

After identifying the client’s needs in terms of high-aesthetics and content discovery, we managed to create a visual journey for Luxury Vacations UK audience.


We performed thorough research on key trends and vacation traveler behavior with the aim to identify how the company could achieve its marketing objectives and customer acquisition strategy. 


Since the company’s potential clients belong to a high-end segment, Luxury Vacations UK wished to create a visually appealing presentation of all hidden gems in the UK. The successful adoption of innovative UI and UX design techniques was the ideal solution for serving their business needs and the top-of-mind awareness they wished to achieve.

The Strategy

The main focus areas of this project were:


  • To provide an impeccable navigation experience through an amazing user journey with seamless functionalities.
  • To inspire customers to make a request for a guided-tour


Consequently, it was essential to provide Luxury Vacations UK with an outstanding design that combines convenience and great performance.

The Strategy
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Virtual exploration with interactive touring guide

BACKBONE created an interactive experience where users can select the location they prefer and then view all points of interest. The map includes accommodation, activities and monuments marked with colored clickable pins. The experience resembles a virtual trail in the UK with a clean interface, rich content that drives customers to further explore it.

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Lead generation with all inclusive private tours

Lead generation with all inclusive private tours

High-end customers wish for tailored-made tours that include activities the average traveller cannot participate in.


Our team created for Luxury Vacations UK a filtered list for luxury tours of all kinds. Each tour is a startling adventure as the astonishing design along with the breathtaking photo material prompt users to ask for a quote.

A stand out website

From a digital point of view, the brand is now presented in a holistic manner. People from around the globe can now find them easily, understand the size and nature of the business and their offerings and book their vacation in the UK.  The fresh and classy look of the new digital environment reflects the essence of the company. For Luxury Vacations UK, the new website is a great sales point that also offers efficiencies  with data collection functionalities. 

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