A Healthy Partnership Through Digital Fruition

Industry Food
Location North America
Year 2018
  • Creative Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • UX & UI Design
Fresh St. Market Logo

Our technology and expertise at Backbone was required to work swiftly with Spring Advertising to build a digital strategy that drove online brand awareness while also creating a technical environment that empowered their people and their innovative thinking.

Getting started

Getting started

The Fresh St. Farms Teaser

Fresh St. Farms is the latest offering from H.Y. Louie, and to excite the appetites of the residents of Surrey, British Columbia we worked along side Spring Advertising to design and develop their teaser site. This appetizer-sized site was actually the initial step towards the central management of all Fresh St. Farm's domains.


We planted the digital seed that could grow a sustainable organic business.

Backbone was enlisted to redevelop HY Louie’s Fresh St. Market site, as well as design a teaser site for Fresh St. Farms. We had to ensure the digital investment Fresh St. made today, would form the basis for a long term strategy that would pay off in the end. This required engaging multiple departments within the organization and most importantly remaining relevant as time went on.  

We worked closely with our agency partner, Spring Advertising, during the entire process to successfully develop and execute a creative strategy that would achieve all of the client's business objectives.

The Right CMS

Fresh St. required an improved Content Management System solution that would be flexible and easy to use. It needed to be scalable for future growth and to allow the business to make changes when needed. We were aware the CMS needed to be simple and easy for a team that did not have an abundance of digital experience.  

Our homegrown Expresia CMS was a perfect fit.  Migration to our technology was done rapidly, and we arranged the training on the new system to allow the users to easily change content and architecture themselves.  With Expresia in place, all avenues of the business could get involved and bring their expertise to the table.  Custom user types and groups ensured that existing processes could be respected and utilized immediately with little organizational change.

Expresia’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model released H.Y. Louie’s tech team from having to manage internal servers. Expresia’s flexible cloud-based architecture ensured that the system could scale up to meet their future business needs without causing H.Y. Louie to increase their costs. 



When it came to designing a technical solution, Backbone’s Expresia CMS made it easy

Working with Spring Advertising to build a digital strategy that drove online brand awareness while also creating a technical environment that empowered their people and their innovative thinking. 

Within no time, a foundation was laid and was immediately used to build out workflows and engage all divisions in the development process. 

Expresia allowed the site architecture to take shape effortlessly while maintaining the scope and vision that the business required for the future.